Bridal Saree : The Best Bridal Attire for a Bride

The bollywood movies are a clear reflection of the sarees for bridal wear being used by Indian women. All these depend on the personality of the bride as well as the place she belongs to In fact, the style of bridal sarees changes every 100 km or so. In the northern states such as Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal, Uttarakhand and Haryana, salwar kameez or sharara is worn rather than Indian bridal sarees. In the rest of the states, bridal sarees are worn.

bridal sarees

The Indian bridal sarees are heavy and ornate. These are expensive and ornate. There is no limit on the cost of making an Indian bridal saree. The old Bollywood movies showed brides wearing sarees woven out of real gold and silver threads.

Sarees in North India that are used for bridal wear are usually made of silk. These would either be Banarsi silk or such other silk of fine quality. These are usually red in color. Nowadays, women are wearing these in various other colors including silver, gold, copper, pink, orange and so on. You can see the same in many Bollywood movies.

Nobody can forget the Bengali style bridal sarees depicted in various Bollywood movies. These are plain white with a bright red border. The shade of this red changes as per the bride’s preference. The cloth is fine and the texture will depend on the price of the saree.

Brides from Kerala wear a pale white saree with a bright gold border. Earlier this used to be real gold zari border. Other southern states are known for their bright red Kanjeevaram silk bridal sarees. All South Indian movies portray these.

The designs on these Indian bridal sarees have also been varying a lot. While the embroidery used to be heavy earlier, it is much lighter as well as intricate today. In fact, the aim today is to ensure that these sarees can be used later too on other occasions.

Along with the bridal sarees, even the bridal jewelry is highly traditional. The sarees are incomplete without them. The jewellery is typically heavy. It is usually made of gold though even diamonds have become popular today as is quite evident in the Bollywood movies.

The lehenga is making a comeback today. These are being worn by the brides in Bollywood movies. These may be of a single color. Or else, this may be of dual color or even multiple colors. There would be a lot of work on them. This could be chikan work, brocade, sequins, beads and so on It may be of the same color in order to look elegant or else it can be of a contrasting color that would stand out and make the bridal dress look really bright.

Typically the Indian bridal sarees are heavy and highly ornate. These are then coupled with traditional jewellery in order to make the complete outfit. In addition is the right kind of make-up. This makes the complete Indian bride. In fact, many people see the Bollywood movies in order to know more about this traditional attire.

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