Amazing Winter Tops Options for Women

When we think of winter clothing, the bulky sweaters are the first thing that crosses our mind followed closely by scarves, jackets, cloaks, etc. Most of the women usually end up dressing in endless layers during winters to beat the winter chill. One thing which they forget is that they can look smart during winters without adding so much bulk only if they what sort of winter outfits they should go for. Here is a cozy yet light in bulk list of winter top options for women.



Camisole is the best option to add an extra layer of warmth without any bulk to your attire. Camisoles are usually thin but are warm enough to keep winter chill at bay. They can be worn easily over your bra to protect yourself from cold. They also make your silhouette look toned and provide enough warmth if worn under dresses or kurtis.

Hoodies and Cardigans

Cardigans are the must haves for every woman in their winter wardrobe as they can be worn easily over a sweater or alone for warmth during the winters. They make for an excellent choice of winter clothing for both indoor and outdoor wear as they are a part of smart casual dressing which is ideal for professional women. Hooded sweatshirts and cardigans are also a great winter fashion clothing choice if you are looking for something casual and sporty. They are also a perfect replacement of bulky jackets and they provide enough warmth to keep your comfortable during chilled weather. There are online shopping stores that have an exclusive designer collection of winter cardigans and hoodies.



Knitted bulky sweaters woven by your grandma have now become the thing of the past and have been replaced by trendier sweaters, which are available in great styles, colors, fits and designs. Designer sweaters provide the same quality of warmth and coziness, which your grandma’s sweater used to offer without adding any bulk to it. Stylish sweaters are the perfect blend of comfort and femininity. Buttoned down sweaters, turtleneck sweaters, cable sleeve sweaters are some of the smart choices for this winter.

These winter clothing options are all the more stylish while keeping you warm without adding any extra bulk to your attire. Shopping for these winter essentials will keep you warm during the frosty winters and they are sure to last a few years in your wardrobe.


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