SHOE MANTRA: Unique Ways to Make Your Flats Look Fabulous

Footwear has always been an integral part of a women’s attire, wherein while some swear by their high heels and some have vowed to wear flats throughout their life. Some women love to experiment with their shoe style by including all sorts of heels in their collection, some have simply banished flat footwear from their wardrobe. While its completely up to women what kind of footwear they prefer to wear, their decision is usually manipulated by factors like their height, comfort level or sense of style.


No matter how short or tall you are, flats should always some place in your wardrobe as they are more about necessity and comfort then style. However, flats can be extremely stylish if worn correctly and most importantly they can offer you the comfort that their counterpart heels can never offer.

So give your feet well-deserved break and slip them in comfortable flats once in a while and we are here to help you out in increasing their style quotient without compromising on comfort.

Look For Something Unique

It is true that flats are not as dynamic as heels, but their availability in a variety of vibrant colors, rich textures and luxurious material can actually jazz up their look without resorting to high heels. Inclusion of straps, buckles, stones, etc. can add a lot on interesting elements to the otherwise mundane flats. Although, you should heavy embellishments on flats as they are at their best in their subtle chic look and is more versatile as well to carry on daily basis.

Achieve that Ultra Feminine Look with Flats

You don’t need to go over the top while choosing flat footwear, because simple styled flat can look amazing when teamed with ultra-feminine outfit. Layered shirts, wrap tops, flare sleeves are a good choice to wear with ballerina flats.

Team Your Flats with Skirts

Sometimes wearing flats with skirts can make you look short, which might be one of the reason you were ditching them for long. So the next time you mix flats with skirts, choose the ones with hemline above knee so that your legs will appear longer visually.

Pants for your Flats

Flat footwear with capri pants is a match made in heaven, but if you are carrying flats with long pant ensure that they are ending just above your ankle. If your pants or jeans are dragging the floor, then you are headed for a sloppy look. Avoid wearing ultra-tight bottoms with flats as they can look frumpy at times and can attract attention to the less emphasizing parts of your body.

Experiment with pointed or almond tow shaped flats to achieve an ultra-stylish look


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