Why Men Love to Wear Kurta’s?

Men love to stay comfortable or we can say they love to dress comfortably no matter what the occasion is, and when it comes to dressing yourself down in some traditional attire then the age old kurta remains their foremost choice.Mens-Kurtas-JabongWorld

Well, before to dig in deep that why men have such special space in their heart for traditional Indian kurtas, let’s understand what exactly a nice well fitted kurta should be like. A kurta for men should be like a loose fitted long shirt reaches just the knees or below them in some cases, anything above the knees will not be classified as Punjabi kurta. The fitting should be loose but obviously not ill fitted with drooling shoulders and extra-long sleeves. Mostly, men these days prefer to pair their kurta with churidars but kurta pajama is also a considerable option if you are looking for something more comfortable and ethnic. However, you can also wear kurta with pathani salwar, jeans, dhoti or even jodhpuri pants for a more indo-western look.

So, now when you have understood what should exactly be a kurta look, let’s have a look at some of the points that make kurta pyjama a favorite among men.

Comfort is the first thing that comes to a man’s mind when he decides to carry a kurta pyjama look. The loosely stitched garment is extremely comfortable especially during humid season and the fact that a kurta for men is usually made from cotton fabric makes it cooler.

Carrying a kurta pyjama doesn’t require any effort and you can wear it easily for any occasion, especially the ones that require men to dress in traditional attire like wedding and festivals. A great amalgamation of ethnic charm and comfort, kurta pyjama works best for men of all age group.

You can buy a variety of Indian kurtas online out of which cotton kurta, linen kurta, silk kurta, khadi kurta, etc. are some of the popular choices among youngsters. Virtual shopping world is flourished with plethora of kurta options from a simple piece to heavy embellished ones for a very special occasion.

These days, designer kurta’s are very much popular among men as most of the fashion designers are experimenting with this simple apparel to come up with something absolutely new and innovative without loosing its old world charm. Designs on collars, neckline, cuffs and pockets using thread work, embellishments, stones, etc. add a rich look to otherwise plain kurta.

Men these days love to pair their kurta with denims to carry off a fusion inspired look. Wearing jeans and kurta is actually the most comfortable attire they can look for, which is appealing and stylish at the same time.

In a nutshell, it can be said that the above mentioned points quite simply summarize why men find the simple and traditional kurta so desirable that it has become a must have for their wardrobe. So grab one for you now as well..


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