3 Summer Fashion Staples For Men in 2015


As the spring summer 2015 dawns on us with much to talk about the fashion frenzy, let’s have a look at some of the fashion staples of 2015 for men this time.

Statement Stripes

Stripes are the new big thing for men’s clothing as this year they have come up as a mainstay for both casual as well as formal attire. From smart trousers to shirts, jumpers and even accessories have witnessed the collaboration of stripes with variety of fabrics this year. With stripes being perennial this season, there will be no dearth of options for men. Thick block stripes and bold colored stripes have made a re-entry to fashion arena with a modern twist. Team up your tailored chinos and smart loafers with striped shirts for a cool summer ready look.

Red is The New Black for 2015

In 2015, the bright, vibrant and bold red color is all set to take on the position of ever loved black for men. With premium brands launching red themed collections for spring summer 2015, there will be an array of tailored and sports inspired clothing in various shades of red from brick to blood. Though, carrying this bold color is a bit tricky, you can still add a punch to your casual or formal attire by keeping the one statement element in this color. E.g. add simple crimson colored tie to your office attire or wear a cherry colored chino shorts with your favorite t-shirt for more fun look.


Double Up Denims

It seems that all the celebrity labels are celebrating the versatile denim trend in spring summer 2015. Whether you love your casuals or prefer more refined look, denims can form a solid foundation for your wardrobe. A well fitted t-shirt, solid pair of denims and sneakers/loafers/low-key trainers of your choice are enough to get ready for an outing with friends.  For a more tailored look, ensemble a trusted denim trucker jacket, oxford shirt, trousers, loafers and a knitted tie, bang you are ready to take on world


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